Chat & Community

This is change to chat service "for Gamers".

Lobby, in gaming world, means the waiting
place before playing game.
Let's see how is today's adventure going!
nakamap has been
changed to Lobi.
Chat with friends, makes
game more exciting!
Connected with 80+ more popular games,
such as "Kingdom Conquest II".
You can enjoy chatting with friends
right in the game itself.
Express yourself with special character stickers!
Stickers of the game character everyone loves!
More than 100 kinds of stickers to
heat up the conversation!
Change profile &
accounts seamlessly
with Muti-account
You can change profile for every game
and have fun.
Have fun with Lobi!
It's easy to create chat groups with close friends,
co-workers, and family.
The map function helps you meet up with them quickly!
Lobi boosts you up in various scenes!