Replay Recording SDK for FREE!!

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Integrate recording feature without
modifying your application's structure.

So fun with replays!

Set recording point at will.
Easy to replay, edit and share recording to SNS.

Share recordings to friends!

Share to Facebook

Share without quit game.
There are several SNS sharing.
Share to Twitter、Facebook、Lobi、LINE

No ads beat friends recordings

Download link to store

Every recording has apps download link.
Friends playing recording wins a lot users.

High retention rate!
Motivated by others' recording!

Recording list

View all players' recording in app.
Get motivated by awesome playing or rival's recording.

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Try recording in Tap Ninja 2!
A simple and addictive game.
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Let's install REC SDK.
It's all free!

Why don't you let them installed?
It is easy.
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And more coming soon!!

Movie editing and Monetizing are coming soon.
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